The Karaoke World Championships is an annual singing competition involving up to 40 countries—spanning up to 5 continents!—and holds the distinction of being the world’s largest international amateur singing competition.

In Canada, competition typically begins in April, starting with regional contests held at local pubs and karaoke bars in select cities across the country. The top contestants from each regional contest will go on to represent their region/local venue at their respective provincial championships in July, where our provincial champions are crowned and provincial contingents for the National Finals determined. The provincial contingents meet at the National Championships, which generally take place at the end of August in Calgary, AB., where the remaining contestants compete for all the (Canadian) marbles, including the national title and the opportunity to represent The Great White North on the world stage as a part of Team Canada!

The World Final generally takes place in November of each year, and one of the really exciting aspects of this competition is that the World Final is held in a different location each year. KWC Champions have been crowned in 8 different countries on 3 continents, in all sorts of beautiful and unique places, including Finland, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, Sweden, Estonia, Russia and Thailand, and we’ll be checking yet another country off the list later this year!