Online Auditions

Online auditions are permitted in Canada under special circumstances. These include the following:

1. You live in a province that does not host regional or provincial qualifying rounds - if this is the case, you can audition to be sent directly to the National finals. Your audition will be reviewed by a panel of all KWC provincial directors, and a vote will be cast.


2. You are in a province that does host local and provincial competitions, but you live a two hour or more drive from the closest venue. In this case, you may audition online to be offered an invitation to participate in the provincial final.

Please note, in most cases you may not advance directly to Nationals if your province hosts a provincial final.

Exceptions can be made when the provincial final is more than a five hour drive away from your home.


3. Exceptional circumstances prevent you from attending at the regional or provincial level (death in the family, severe illness, etc.). Proof of these circumstances will be required.

If you are interested in an online audition, please email If you qualify, we will lead you through the process.

**Please note — online auditions can be submitted through emailed videos or YouTube links**