To read more about eligibility requirements for the Karaoke World Championships, please click here.

**Within Canada, there is one notable exception to the eligibility requirements - the minimum age to enter KWC competitions within Canada is the age of majority in the Province where you reside, not automatically 18 as stated in the International rules. Please contact us for more information regarding this**

Please note the following regarding staff of a participating venue or their subcontracted karaoke hosts:

Staff and hosts may always enter the competition at an independent local qualifying venue that is not affiliated in any professional way with their employer. If there is no such venue within 150 km from their home, a karaoke host or venue employee may submit an online audition...which will be voted on by a panel of KWC Directors not affiliated professionally with the potential candidate.

Alternatively, an application could be made to KWC Directorship to consider a case individually. For example, if a potential contestant is only a very occasional staff member or has been employed by the establishment at some point in the past. In this case, the details will be discussed and each situation will be assessed and voted on separately.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding eligibility requirements do not hesitate to contact us.