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National Champion (Soloist)

Renee Thompson

Renee Thompson KWC 2021 Canadian Champion

A proud mother of 2 (Mitchell and Grace) and wife of 21 years to, "the love of her life," Robert, Renee is a relative newcomer to KWC, having only competed twice, which makes her incredible accomplishments all the more impressive!  In her very first season (2019), Renee won the Alberta Provincial Championships and finished 3rd in Canada in what was a very tight race for the national podium.  After taking a year off, she joined us once again for the 2021 season, which ended with Renee atop the national podium as the 2021 Canadian Champion!  She went on to represent Canada at the World Finals, making it all the way to the final round alongside both of her teammates, in what was a very strong showing for Team Canada—this in just her second year of competition!  

Renee took a break from KWC in 2020 to fight and beat cancer, and she is grateful to her family, friends and her husband Rob for all their love, support and prayers throughout that difficult time.

When she's not winning national championships and competing on the world stage, Renee drives a school bus and works dispatch for Southland Transportation in Calgary; she loves her 42-foot yellow beast and the awesome kids she's fortunate enough to drive to school every day.  

Renee has had a passion for music and singing since she was a little girl.  She has been singing on stage in competitions, choirs, bands and karaoke since the age of 14, and has been a karaoke host on and off for the past 29 years.  

Renee is so thankful for all the love, support, patience and advice she received from Team Canada in 2021, and would like to send a special shout-out to her mom, dad and her best friend Sherry.
"I love you!"

Solo Champ
KWC 2021   Renee Thompson, Round 2
KWC 2021 - #43 Renee Thompson, Canada - Attitude - Round 1

National Champions (Duets)

Becca Wade & Adam Krahn

Duets - Becca Wade and Adam Krahn - Richmond, BC.jpg

Becca Wade and Adam Krahn are a musical duo from the lower mainland, BC. When the pandemic hit they began singing karaoke in their living room as a fun sort of date night, and decided to take it a step further by entering the Karaoke World Championships.

Becca and Adam enjoy singing love songs to each other in a variety of styles, including Broadway, country, pop and opera, and their quirky moves, harmonic voices and obvious adoration for each other make them a fun couple to watch.