KWC Canada National Directors


We are very happy to announce a new beginning for the Karaoke World Championships in Canada. Dr. Sharon Quinn-Victorero and her husband Michael Victorero have taken over the Canadian partnership for 2017.

Sharon and Michael live in Burlington, Ontario with their four children, where Sharon owns and operates an animal hospital, and Michael works as a realtor.  Their involvement with KWC began in 2015 when Michael competed and became the Canadian Men’s Champion. Michael represented Canada at Worlds in Singapore, winning the Bronze.  Upon their return, Michael and Sharon knew they wanted to remain involved with this incredible organization, and to help ensure that all future competitors enjoy a similarly rich experience. Sharon and Michael took on directorship of KWC Ontario and enjoyed a successful season, with three KWC Ontario competitors winning at Nationals and representing Team Canada at Worlds in 2016.

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KWC Canada Provincial Directors

Provinces are listed in alphabetical order. If your province is not listed here and you are interested in competing or in helping us to expand into your area, please contact us with your enquiry! 



Introducing KWC Alberta Directors Bernie and Susan Cook! 

We are grateful to have the assistance of this wonderful couple once again - some of you may recognize them as the driving force behind the scenes at the Canadian Nationals in Calgary in 2016. We are also indebted to them for the amazing photos they took to commemorate the competition for our singers at the National and World events last year, and that they have generously provided for this site. 

Susan and Bernie are the owners of KISS Productions, a mobile pub entertainment company that began in 2001.  They are based in Calgary, Alberta, with a division that opened in Sylvan Lake in 2015 to service Central Alberta.  They have been actively involved in the organization and administration of karaoke competitions for the past nine years, and are always seeking new and innovative ways to both enhance and streamline the process.  They have set a very high standard and work very hard to ensure that it is always met, and to nurture the industry in general.

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KWC Canada is so pleased to have Virginia Lynn as our new Director of KWC British Columbia! A longtime friend to KWC Canada, Virginia owns and operates Euphonic Entertainment.

Nova Scotia born and Vancouver raised, Virginia grew up playing piano from the age of four. Taking as many dance and singing classes as she could led to being active in musical theatre through her formative years.  Needless to say, when she was brought to a bar that had karaoke for the first time at age 19, she was hooked and returned every week for years.  It was wasn't until enrolling in Broadcasting at Colombia Academy that the thought of building a career hosting had even crossed her mind. Combining the skills learned at Columbia Academy with her love of Karaoke, Virginia took the Vancouver scene by storm, and she is now one of the premier hosts in the city.  She has hosted the B.C. Championships of Karaoke 3 years running and has been voted Best Karaoke in Richmond for two consecutive years. Virginia's musical tastes run the gamut, and her extensive knowledge of lyrics and music trivia put her in a league of her own.

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We are so fortunate to have Elsaida Alerta, KWC 2015 Ladies' World Champion, and her partner Peter Dueck at the helm of KWC Manitoba for 2017!

Elsaida, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, has always had a passion for music.  She started singing at a very young age and has been entertaining people with her distinctive voice ever since. Having participated in, and won, numerous singing competitions in the past, Elsaida put herself to work in 2015 and emerged as the KWC 2015 Ladies' World Champion!  Elsaida hopes that the coming season of KWC competition is it's best yet, and is very excited to join the KWC Canada team as co-director of KWC Manitoba, with her partner Peter Dueck.  Elsaida is eagerly anticipating all of the great talent this coming season, and looks forward to helping Canada's representatives prepare for the KWC Finals. 

Peter Dueck has many years of experience as an agent of inner-city service providers, and with frontline public services in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  In his position as co-director of KWC Manitoba, Peter brings strong analytical and communications skills to the KWC Canada team.  He has witnessed firsthand the amount of effort and dedication required to emerge as a KWC Champion, having supported Elsaida Alerta's previous bids.  Peter looks forward to the coming KWC season, and wishes each and every contestant the very best.

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KWC Canada National Directors Michael and Sharon will continue on as Directors for the province of Ontario for the 2017 season.  Please feel free to contact them at